04 December 2007

Care Package #1

So, now that we are 'officially' asking to be Paisley's parents, we are allowed to send care packages to the Orphanage. Whatever we send has to be in a box no larger than an average shoebox. Our agency sends out a package of information to make sure we don't send it to Siberia, and translated addresses with both English and Mandarin so both postal services can understand where it is going.

Whats inside?

1. A photo book with photos of Mummy, Daddy, big sister, your family, and your dog. All with labels so the Nannies can tell Paisley who is who!

2. A disposable camera, fingers crossed they take some pictures of her as she grows. As the months pass we hope we can get some 'memory' for her in photos, for her Lifebook and for her to see where she spent the first year of her life.

3. a warm fleece blanket. it's not a pricey one, we said the orphanage can keep everything in the box, but one more blanket in an orphanage is always a good thing!

4. a fleece top and pants...it's winter there too, even if it isn't freezing like MN, it does get chilly.

5. several l/s cotton tops, Piper has these ones from Target, I found a bunch on sale for $1.48, they are good quality and very soft....cant beat that!

6. socks...six pairs!

7. candy for the Nannies...small treat size packs of m&m's and some ginger chews...someone told me how much the Nannies had enjoyed the ginger lollies, so I went with it!

8. a small pack of Burt's Bees lip gloss for the nanny that takes care of Paisley. It is pocket sized and we love Burt's Bees!

9. plastic keys and teether beads. Funny how they were made in China to be used in the States, and here we are shipping it back to China!

Piper was so proud when she held the box up to the lady at the post office..."the candy is for the Nannies...the ones who look after Paisley!"...too cute!


Auntie G said...

Isn't it fun?!!! I love sending packages to my baby girl.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

How cute is that... my friend is off to get her son in a few days and thier daughter Emily is SO excited about it all... she talks about her 'Uncle Baby David'... (her Uncle is David) and talks about him all the time... now, all she has to do is share mum and dad... lol... take care...

Carrie&Aaron said...

good job Mom!

Mob said...

What a lot of neat stuff. I'm sure she will like it. The M & M's will be a big hit!

A Special Family said...

Bless her!!!