03 December 2007

it should read...

Michael and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

an email from Mike that I just had to share...he's normally so upbeat and easy going so this was a new one for me...and it reminded me of one of Piper's favorite books.

Happy Birthday!

I had a crap day.

Message today asking if I was going to be in TX for a presentation
Wednesday. I hadn't planned on it, and didn't have anything booked
meaning I had to figure out if it's worth it, book tickets, etc.

Left my glasses in the car (very back of the parking lot). Realized
this when I walked in the building, and I wasn't going to go get them in
the freezing cold. Got them at lunchtime.

Then at lunch, I couldn't find my pizza. Someone moved it under a bunch
of crap in the fridge. I thought someone ate it!

Finally booked tickets, and found out the hotel I needed is sold out.
Had to get a different one that requires an exception form because it's
high cost.

Phone came in, but I need a password that I haven't gotten yet to
activate it.

I'm livin the dream today.

Love you,



kris said...

gotta love how that email ended though :O)

Sam said...

Oh! That really bites! Hope tomorrow is much better!!!

maia said...

Awwwww...he sounds so dejected! I can just picture him kicking a can dejectedly along the sidewalk...

A Special Family said...

Gotta love those days...!

Mamacita said...

Damn. Poor dude. Don't you hate when they have days like that and you can't make it all better?

"MissMeliss" said...

Awww.... wish you could make it better, huh?

PS. You've been TAGGED. Check out my blog for directions. :)