26 December 2007

A rockin' Christmas morn'

What a wonderful day of noise and food and celebration! We woke up early (of course) with Piper heralding at her loudest that "it's Christmas time, it's Christmas time!"
Her parents on the other hand would have loved to spend another hour or two tucked away in deep slumber, but alas it was not to be, and in the spirit of Christmas we dragged our sorry buttocks out of bed and crawled downstairs to see what Santa had delivered!
Piper blasted past all the gifts under the tree and went straight for the kitchen to check if Santa had eaten his pannattone and milk...her eyes widened as she saw the empty glass and scant remains of the cake, and noted quite sincerely that "Santa put the tray on the counter so that Olive wouldnt steal his cake". Piper was extremely excited about the stockings, and could not believe her luck that Santa had left her a microphone! and a candy cane and chocolate Santa! In fact it took quite some coaxing to get her to come and sit by the tree and unwrap her gifts. There were two blue sparkley packages from the big guy in red, and since Piper had been asking for a guitar since February and had requested one in person we thought she 'knew' that was what Santa was giving her....when she unwrapped the first gift and found a guitar shaped Hannah Montana handbag her little face fell...she wasn't ungrateful by any means, she just thought Santa had not heard her heart felt requests for a REAL guitar....I wish we had it on tape because it was priceless!
Mike quickly showed Piper the other gift that Santa had left....and belive you me, Piper did not put that guitar down for at least 8 hours!!! She is a rock star in the making!


Adam and Cynthia said...

How precious is that baby of yours! Piper is just adorable! I bet she has worn that guitar OUT!!

Patricia/NYC said...

Rock on, Piper!!

What a duo our 2 would make...Piper on guitar, Kiara on harmonica!

maia said...

What a little ROCKSTAR! I always knew that was her calling. She's certainly got the dance moves!!

Joan said...

HI, Merry Christmas. I am looking at your pictures with my two girls. My daughter Elizabeth ( 5years old) LOves Hannah Montanna. Where did Santa find that guitar?

Joan, Elizabeth and Ella.