26 April 2009

C is for cookieHonoring her internal Cookie Monster!
Paisley can handle her sugar just fine. She is not a sugarbooger like her big sister and can resist the urge most times to indulge. Her sister on the other hand has to be monitored, her sugar intake managed, or else...we have behaviour issues....BIG behaviour issues. That's why I took little P to the General Store last week to enjoy a fancy sugar cookie while her sis was at pre-school

Mine all mine bwaahahahaha!

Amazingly she ate the entire thing, uninterrupted, un-taunted, and without having to share. Somehow Paisley always ends up 'sharing' with Piper...it's not always voluntary either, so this was a nice change.Mummy had this delight...OMG...it had such an innocuous name 'pumpkin slice'...seriously...it was TO DIE FOR! Notice how the sunlight came through the window and lit up the delectable treat..as if GOD himself was blessing it!


Patricia/NYC said...

Woooo! That little slice of heavenly pie looks mighty good!

And yes, we too have MAJOR behaviour issues with the sugar...ALWAYS monitored!! Amazing just how much a little bit can do!

Paisley looks too cute!!

Michele said...

Can I come along next time? Those treats look extra yummy.

Yoli said...

Isn't obcene how we dote on our favorite desserts? I become completely bessotted with Godiva's blackberry Trouffle cheesecake. Paisley is gorgeous.

Calico Sky said...

Oh she is toooo adorable!!!!!

Um think that pumpkin slice would make it to England?????

Calico Sky said...

p.s. the word verification was sent. maybe a sign it could indeed be sent to UK ;0)