26 April 2009

"can't take you anywhere"How many times can you remember your parents saying that to you?
Obviously we are reaching that point with the Snowflowers. They aren't rude or naughty, but they are consummate comedians, always looking for the next laugh, the next joke, the next one-liner. Aaaaagh, now I know how my parents felt.

"look Mum, chippie tongue!"

forgive the blur, my little point & shoot is not doing well.


Kimi said...

That is so funny! They are just too cute!

Hey CONGRATS on the new camera. You have a great eye so you are going to have a ball! You already take wonderful pictures!

Have a great week,

kris said...

oh garth is going to go NUTS with these TWO!! (yes. i have similar pics of HIM).

Michele said...

I understand, sort of. We can't go into any restaurant still without Jammer working his darndest to get the attention of everyone around him. No one can have a quiet peaceful meal with the Jammer near by.

J said...

So naughty and so adorable! My mom thinks it's hilarious that my kids are so difficult. She's a meanie.

Casey said...

They are SO cute!! Gotta love girls with sharp personalities!!

Calico Sky said...

Love it!!!