26 April 2009

D.D.D.DENTISTDr Dave is Pipers pediatric Dentist and I have to tell you he is AMAZING! Piper adores Dr Dave! Her hygenist Holly is also lovely, and does a wonderful job taking the fear out of dentistry.They refer to the children's charts as their 'stories' and do everything to make the experience an adventure. Piper did great at her cleaning, she brushes her teeth all by herself and the Dentist says she does a fantstic job. She was truly glowing when they told her that! She of course talked their ears off, even with her mouth opened wide. Dr Dave came up to me at the end and said
"how on earth did such a big personality get into such a tiny girl?"
How indeed Dr Dave, how indeed.


Cavatica said...

I'm nervous about this. Glad to hear your experience is so good! We often say the same thing about BB - such a big personality in such a tiny body!!!

Michele said...

Ditto here! I have the male verion of your little girls. I'm worried about the dentist visit too because he is so stubborn and so strong. I'm betting he won't be liking the idea of someone fussing around in his mouth. I have a hard enough time brushing his teeth.

kris said...

awwww... how did I miss this post?? will she come hold my hand next time around? my dentist wasn't that nice and my mouth is hurting. i'm so proud of her :O)