22 April 2009

My not-so-wordless-Wednesday


Our planet is a masterpiece, and we are it's only bastions, yet we continue as a race to overwhelm her. Earth was not bestowed to us to slowly deplete and destroy but to cherish, to honor, to respect and in return we get to enjoy her vast beauty and abundance. Somehow I think we are missing the 'true' plan for this amazing blue panet. We need to rethink how we consume, how we manufacture, and how we dispose. REDUCE~REUSE~RECYCLE!

10 Things we can do together to help our planet

1. Consider your trash! We put out ONE small kitchen bag of trash a week, yep ONE and we are a family of four with a potty training daughter!

2. Use cloth bags when you go shopping..not just to the Supermarket..to each and every store you go to!

3. Buy locally grown and made products

4. Hang out your laundry whenever possible.

5. Use cloth diapers or even easier gDIAPERS

6. Plant a tree

7.Use a rain barrel and composter if possible

8. switch out your cleaning products and laundry soap for natural alternatives...I love Seventh Generation myself, but there are plenty of excellent alternatives that are kinder to the environment.

9. Consider a smaller or more efficient car/suv next time around. Honestly, the amount of giant GMC's toting 2 kids around is shameful!

10. watch the story of stuff and no, it's not left wing liberal propoganda, it's a slice of reality...oh wait, thats the same thing..my bad!


Deb, Joe, Keeva and Dillon said...

I'd never seen that video love it....Wish I could get away with as little garbage. Here they recycle hardly anything although my protest is to give them everything that should be recycled. I have to apologise to mother earth that I did not do cloth diapers...being so sick after delivery and then the surgery I just couldn't...too demanding. Maybe in the future I will try again. My promise for earth day this year..we are going to compost!

kris said...

I do 1,2,3, tried #6 and that sucker died :O( (i have no green thumb for sure, except when it comes to orchids strangely), I'll have to look into the detergent, hadn't heard of it. I've never done the clothesline, working full time (both of us) would make that kind of hard, I can barely keep up with household chores. i do keep drying on the lowest setting though (*energy saving setting*)... don't know if it makes much difference.

and i'm a registered republican.

i care hard core about this planet :O) and i voted for obama.

Snowflowers Mum said...

Kris, we need to talk about un-registering you...you do not have the heart of a Republican...I don't get it.