21 January 2008

good things!...

Today I found out a great piece of information that could help other families in need of adoption funds. Especially in the last few months before they travel. I received a message in my inbox today from a lovely adoption blogger with a link to a nice family who is also in the process...except the Dad is a tax genie and has posted about finding those elusive funds for adoptions. I have no issue discussing these kinds of things because I like transperency, and I like sharing ideas with other families who are considering or are in process of adopting.

Russ, who from now on I will refer to as the 'tax whiz' made a fantastic post on his family blog about adoption financing and 'finding' money when you most need it. In my eyes he has helped us find at least a couple of thousand dollars in the next two months by NOT withholding taxes. yes, you heard me right...by asking the payroll department to stop withholding taxes for a couple of months we can benefit by recieving that 'tax' money in our paycheck!!! This didnt even enter our head as a possibility and it is simple...we only plan on doing it until we leave for China, and then we will switch it back. We have a 'safety net' of the Adoption tax credit, so when 2009 rolls around and we do our taxes, our credit may be smaller but we will have had the luxury of those extra dollars when we needed them.

Brilliant...just brilliant!


Carrie&Aaron said...

Great Idea!

Angel said...

This made me giggle! ;0) You are going to make my hubby's head all big and swollen. Hee hee hee.. I am so happy that his post helps! YAY for money when ya need it. The truth is Russ is scary smart. Most of the time it comes in handy. Gotta love him cause we would not have been able to afford our adoptions without his fun little strategies! Hugs, Angel

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

That is a fantastic idea!