29 January 2008


You know the saying 'love child', I think it is used when a child is conceived without much planning, but is wanted and loved. Well, I can assure you that both Piper and Paisley are LOVE CHILDREN despite the absolute magnitude of planning that went into bringing both of them home! I had to giggle last night when speaking with another adoptive Mum..she told me that her first daughter was a '401K child', her second a 'Mortgage' child, and her third will be a 'Tax refund' child...all 'love' children, but when the world of adoption comes into play, well, it kinda adds a different dimension. She went on to tell me that she knows a lot of people with 'VISA' children too! It's good to have a giggle about it, even when we all know how many of us struggle to build our families through adoption. It's wonderful also to have the support of families in a similar situation, because, quite frankly if you haven't experienced it for yourself it's hard to relate to it.
Our family is struggling to reach our financial goal for this adoption, but we know if we try hard and do everything in our power we will make it. It's just hard not to panic when you are more than a few thousand dollars short!

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