13 January 2008

Sweet Party Girl

Can you even believe how cute this outfit is? When I saw it the other day I knew it was made for Piper! It is SO her! Thanks Grandad! I also picked one up for Paisley's birthday party in April...hopefully she will be home by then, if not she will definately be having a belated party in May! Grandad Pete and Nana Jocelyn also gave Piper an extremely cute highchair for her doll 'Hannah' and a DVD library of scholastic classics.


Christine said...

OMG she is adorable in the outfit (and anything else she dons). Hope you had a great party weekend!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I just love all the gorgeous pictures of Piper. Happy birthday sweet baby girl. Grandpa picked out an amazing outfit. It is soooo cute.


Tamara said...

You know, it is a good thing I do not have my own Piper of the wonderful cheeks right now, because I would drive her batty squeezing or kissing them!

Sam said...

That is SUCH a Lola-dress!!!! Love it!