28 January 2008

moving out!

Piper's moving out! No, not out of the house people, she is only three! Nope, the time has come to move Piper into her BIG GIRL ROOM! It's still under construction...but I am hoping we can get most of he things moved out and into her new room within the next couple of weeks! The walls are now painted, and her bed is almost put together...I just need some window coverings and a few bits and pieces and she will be good to go

Here's Mike getting rid of the 'burlap' color! Clearly I am giving you a hint about the 'new' color...but you will have to wait to see it in it's full glory!

"Look honey, no tape!"
the scary thing was we had to paint primer over the brown so that the pale pink would not end up looking gross. preparation is key I guess!


Anonymous said...

It is a good day. We just booted Zubin to his own room. He sleeps better, we sleep better. Life is good. I am sure her new room will look great. I like people who have paint talent. I do not. You should see my carpet.

Auntie G said...

Gotta buy the paint with primer. It is so much easier. I am impressed about the no tape. There is no way I could have done it without.

AnnaB. in Boise, ID said...

Looking forward to seeing Miss Piper in her 'Big Girl Room'!!! She must be so excited about it. I am guessing Pink walls with lots of girly fluff! :-)

maia said...

Oh yes, you'll be glad you took the time to do primer. I remember how my arms ached from coats of primer when Iwas painting our new house.
I'm impressed that Mike's edging without tape - I'm a tape woman myself, a little obsessive about it...but that's from doing faux painting in those 8-gazillion-dollar Vail mansions where one mistake could cost us a job.

krj said...

Can't wait to see it all finished!
And way to go Piper- she must be thrilled :)