18 January 2008

what is it worth to you?

What would you sacrifice to bring your child home? Would you sell a car, your house, your wedding ring? At this point I'd have to answer yes. Although it wouldn't be in our best interest to sell either our house or our car, especially since my 99 Subaru has seen better days and our house owes us more than what we paid for it (thanks to dishonest Sellers and the crappy real estate market and $60K of repairs after a storm and a flood). We have cleaned out our bank accounts, maxed out our credit cards and pretty much sold anything that wasn't nailed down to be able to bring our little girl home. Now that we are in the final stretch there is some pretty serious number crunching going on. We are short, not by much, just a few thousand dollars, but it is worrying. I have spent hours and hours writing grant applications, but we haven't heard anything, well, it would be silly to expect to hear, especially when there are thousands of families vying for a handful of grants. But you always hope, right until the last minute you hope.

So what I need from you are IDEAS...lots of ideas! What can I do to make it past the finish line, to raise that final $3000? I am already planning on putting anything I think is saleable on eBay...but what else? Where can I magic a few thousand from in a couple of months? I am not having any other ipod fundraisers, they were great, but we don't want to wear out our welcome! There is always tax time, and I'm pretty sure we will receive a small refund...but will it be enough?

I get emails from other adoptive families all the time, they have enough to raise a child but to find the additional funds in a short time is often much more difficult. It's not a question of not doing it because you don't have the money, why if everyone waited to have children until they could afford it then half the people I know wouldn't have kids! Yes I agree that you should save so that you can afford to adopt, but quite often families have exhausted all their finances with fertility treatments or failed adoptions. Yet, the desire to parent is so strong we will do whatever it takes to move forward. For Mike and I, life would be quite lovely with just Piper, we cannot complain, but there was a desire in our hearts so strong that we could not ignore, we knew we wanted to bring another child home. From the moment Piper was placed in our arms on that steamy October day in Southern China, and from the moment we gazed into the faces of dozens of children in the orphanage where Piper had spent her first 10 months we knew that it was meant to be; that we'd be back. People adopt for many reasons, ours was because we had the desire to parent, and we knew that there were many children in our world that did not have that luxury, and so we were led no further into the world of fertility treatments (even after our Doctors corrected my issue and gave us the green light) but our hearts were set on China, and to bring home one of the millions of children that needed a Mummy & Daddy.

I've heard of people voicing that fundraising for an adoption lacks taste or decorum, frankly I don't care about the few who bring that to our attention, what I do care about it our daughter, and I know she will flourish in our family, and I know we will give her everything she will ever need, and maybe even some things she just wants. We wont bow our heads, or lower our shoulders, we remain empowered as parents, inspired by adoption and blessed by our children. We were told not to rock the boat when we petitioned Mike's employer three years in a row with proposals for adoption benefits...it didn't stop us, and finally for 2008 the company agreed to implement a benefit...can you imagine how many children will find parents because of this? Our family is not just proud of how we were created, we are magnificently blessed!


Lauri said...

We did a candy bar fund raiser & It helped us so much. You spend $20.00 on fund raising box of candy from Sam's club... and you earn $52 with a $32 profit

Many friends took a box to work and this really helped us earn about $3,000.

Good luck, I know how hard this is

Jodi & Dennis said...

Can you ask Lauri how many were in the box? Great Idea! I am sending you a link of our blog: http://dauphinadoption.blogspot.com/
We have done two yardsales (I asked family and friends for items to donate for the sale), I am now putting together a cookbook through Morris Press Cookbooks (www.morriscookbooks.com)
We just started a pizza kit fundraiser through Joe Corbi's Pizza. I know you don't have a lot of time, but I hope this helps. Let us know if there is anything that we can do. Good Luck!

JoAnn in NJ said...

I emailed you yesterday a few foundations that support adoptions.

Also, what about asking a local restaurant if they can offer a special deal, say for $25 a head for drinks and hors d'orderves.

Or if you belong to a church or local group how about a spaghetti dinner?

You could also ask people to donate things for a silent auction.

Good luck!

sweet-P's Mum said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys, we are still looking at what will work for us, but we have an incredibly small support system where we live...uh, we know about 10 people tops!
Thanks Joanne...gotta love a Hoppe! I called the foundation and hope to hear from them next week.

tiffany said...

I am so not a fundraiser. I have no idea how to raise even $1 and our credit card bill shows it. We are looking forward to getting the tax refund next month to pay off our China trip from last May. Oh well.

Hopefully someone has some good ideas for you. I know its almost time to bring that sweet girl home!

Lily's Pad said...

I know that Max and Erma's restaurant helped with adoption fundraising in the Cleveland area. Basically, they gave the family vouchers to pass out locally (they gave them to everyone at their church). Max and Erma's gave a certain percent towards the adoption for every voucher that was presented. I am sure you could probably get other restaurants to do the same. Good luck to you. Both of your daughters are precious....

Carrie&Aaron said...

I really thought we did well with our spaghetii dinner it earned 2,500. Our church let use their kitchen and dinning hall! at first we raised 1500 and even after the dinner people gave money and we got 1000.00 more! I am really praying for you guys God bless you!

Lauri said...

Lauri here...

There were 52 candy items and the cost was $1.00 each. I do know we purchased them at Sams. The candy was hersheys M&M's, snickers & such and we placed them in our community- gas stations,librarys, places of business with our story and used the honor system. My husband would check each day and put out a new envelope.

Also using craigs list to get rid of stuff helps with not having to pay shipping costs.

Robin said...

Lots of prayer works wonders! I would do anything to bring home our daughter and I don't care what anyone thinks!!! I will be praying for you...have faith...it will come! :)

St. Louis

Sam said...

We did an Adopt-A-Bear funraiser (made it up ourselves). I have access to a wholesaler so I was able to by 12" bears for $1.25. I printed adoption certificates on my printer and that was all my expenses. We sold them for $10 each (we were told we should've sold them for $15, but we didn't want to push our luck). We sold about 150 of them in a short amount of time. Have you tried contacting your church for help? Sometimes there are funds available (usually in "missions"). We exhausted everything and were still short by $3000. My sister loaned it to us at the last minute! We were so lucky!!!! I understand how you are feeling. Email me anytime!!!