04 January 2008

Party planning

As you can tell, I'm having fun planning Piper's third birthday party. It's not like it needs to be an extravaganza but I love to celebrate the day the world was blessed by having her born. awwww, am I that sentimental...yes I am!
So...tonight we ordered cupcakes for her class next Friday, yes SUGAR!!! Thirteen 3 year olds hopped up on pure refined white sugar, with a generous helping of COLORING! woohoo..those teachers are going to lurve me! In MN you have to bring 'store-bought' treats to school, no homemade cookies or cake...just boring old Target cupcakes. Takes a bit of the fun out of it, but it does mean less work for me! So today we ordered 24 pink cupcakes with little flowers on them for preschool!
But what should we put on the menu for her party...I'm thinking of getting 8 mini 'take & bake' chesse pizzas from Papa Murphy's and setting them out for each child to decorate with pepperoni, chopped olives, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes etc...that way each child can make their own pizza and we will bake them for lunch. We'll also have piNk miLk, or chocolate, or plain (for the purists), grapes, twiglets from Jupiter (baby carrots), and for 'biscuits' we found some graham cookies in the shapes of who would have guessed 'beetles, bugs and butterflies'! For the grown ups, perhaps a few big people pizzas and some crudite`
Since it's a mixed bag of ages, ranging from three - ten games are pretty hard to figure out, so I am going to do 'pass the parcel', a game we played at my very own parties when I was a wee lass. If anyone else has some low-impact low-residue non destructo games to share...lemme know!


tiffany said...

Sounds fun. What time should we arrive? ;)

I didnt know Papa M did mini pizzas! If you are up for extra work (LOL) you can use Rhodes frozen bread dough. For a whole pizza I use loaves but for minis, use the rolls. Just thaw and roll out and top as you wish. :)

Happy bash planning!

DiJo said...

Sounds like a wonderful party!!!!!! Curious what pre-school she is at. Ainsley went to Wooddale and we loved it. I still keep in touch with the Director Melissa there. As for the Ruby pic in the pink tu-tu. I actually did it at Flash. It was so last minute, and they had room for us! I had to scan it, for memory lane...
Happy 2008! I know this is an extra special new year for all of you!

Carrie&Aaron said...

so cute! I love the party stuff!

Patricia/NYC said...

So...what time is this party? ;)

I did an arts & crafts theme (shocking, isn't it??) for Kiara's kid party...bought those soft visors (I want to say "felt" but they weren't felt - a kind of rubbery material?) & all kinds of stickers & the kids had a blast decorating their own take home gift.

Looking forward to seeing your pics of the birthday bash!

Sam said...

Looks like so much fun!!! We just did homemade pizzas for Cullen's party. I premade and froze the crusts so it was easy. BUT baking 10 little pizzas in one oven was NOT! Had to do batches with everyone wanting theirs done first. Darn 11-year-old eating machines!!!

If you can draw, make Lola life-sized and play "stick the butterfly in Lola's hair" (pin the tail on the donkey) with butterfly stickers.

OziMum said...

Pin the tail or something like that is good for all ages... but make sure you spin the big kids first!!! (and that they don't peek!) I just drew my own Eeyore, and gave everyone their own tail with their name on it. Just read Sam's comment - she's a genius! Lola would be so cool!!!

I'm drooling at your party menu... mmmmm!

Sounds like it's going to be the funnest party ever!

sweet-P's Mum said...

sam is a genius! I just went to the kinkos store and had a picture of Lola blown up to 2 feet high! It's black and white so it might need some coloring in. But, it's the best idea, and I'm gonna use it! I'm going to cut out hairbows tonight and stick them on card, each kids gets two turns! The copy cost $3! How cool is that!


~~ said...

My girls love Charlie and Lola books and DVD's! They are a big here with our Milly Molly Mandy. :)

Chris & Deb said...

Sounds like such a fun party! We are so disappointed that we will have to miss it! We will meet up with you all soon though!!!

Mom2Boober-Do said...

Oh how I wish I could be there to celebrate!! How is it that she's coming upon 3 so fast?