29 January 2008

rock on Robeez...rock on!
I got a call today from the lady at Robeez, she is sending out TWENTY pairs of Robeez for us to take to China with us for Paisley's Orphanage! Isn't it awesome that there are companies out there willing to do this! Actually, Robeez has a program to give adoptive parents shoes to take with them on their adoption trips! While some of the shoes will be 'seconds', they will be functional, warm and perfect for little feet that might otherwise go bare! This news came at a time when bad weather is ravaging China, many places are without electricity and ever important coal shipments have not reached their destinations, so we know many orphanages have to deal with no heat right now. That's why this week, Piper and I sent off our last package to Paisley's Orphanage. Inside were three very warm outfits made of soft fleece, a few blanket sleepers, over a dozen pairs of socks, some candy of course for the Ayi's and a special little New Years outfit for sweet Paisley. If you can believe it, the outfits were under $2 each on sale at Target...gotta love that sale rack! I just wish we were in a better place financially to make a bigger difference.


Patricia/NYC said...

BRAVA, girl!
Big or small, doesn't matter, YOU are making a DIFFERENCE!!!

VERY cool of Robeez too! :)

Auntie G said...

That is wonderful that Robeez is doing that!!

OH MY #6 said...



Leslie said...

Wonderful news, such generosity!

OziMum said...

Hayley - you guys DO make a difference! I love all the fundraisers etc in your sidebar. Anything, will make a difference. And you are certainly making a difference in sweet Paisley's future (and Piper's!!)