28 January 2008

Well, the postman comes to our street at about 3pm each day...and on Saturdays too! Generally when something is mailed off before 12pm anywhere within the city or burbs it will reach it's destination the next day by 3pm.
Imagine my surprise when our Homestudy Update wasn't in our mailbox on Saturday morning...and it wasn't there this afternoon either.
I put a call in and guess what...the person I spoke to was also surprised it hadn't arrived. Yeah right.
I'm to drive into town tomorrow and retrieve another copy.


AnnaB. in Boise, ID said...

Oh Hayley!! LAME, LAME, LAME (sorry, a throwback word to the 80's) At least you will have a copy in your hands tomorrow for sure!!

Carrie&Aaron said...

Did you get TPll? I thought I saw that!!!! Congrats!!!!!LOA will be there soon!

Patricia/NYC said...

NOTHING more frustrating than an incompetent SW!!! I speak of experience! Ours finally got the boot right after she did our HS for DD#2...

Well...on the upside, you WILL have it in your hot little hands tomorrow! Good Luck!!